SAILOR 60 GX: Ka-band VSAT Global Xpress System

SAILOR 60 GX is the smallest, lightest and most advanced antenna for the new Inmarsat Fleet Xpress maritime broadband service. Its unique composite/ aluminium design keeps weight down while the well-proven SAILOR VSAT technology streamlines the deployment process and maximises operational uptime.

Availability: usually ships within 5 working days.

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Though SAILOR 60 GX is a super light antenna, it has the ruggedness and reliability required of a professional maritime stabilised antenna system. Additionally, the low weight and compact form factor make it possible for smaller vessels to benefit from VSAT connectivity, when before it may not have been an option due to space available or difficulties and costs associated with the installation of larger, heavier antennas.


Super light, super rugged


SAILOR 60 GX is built to withstand the toughest sea conditions and still deliver high bandwidth connectivity on the Fleet Xpress service. It is the fastest tracking antenna available in this size, with superior dynamic performance in all axes; roll, pitch and yaw. This high performance means that vessels more affected by rough seas can make the most of Global Xpress, as SAILOR 60 GX can maintain a link even in extreme conditions.


Enter the HTS era


Together, SAILOR GX and the legendary SAILOR FleetBroadband make Inmarsat Fleet Xpress. This combination of high throughput Ka-band/GX and reliable L-band/FB provide a step-change in vessel and fleet operation by enabling access to a new wave of IT applications that support efficiency and reliability of equipment and processes on board. The GX part of Fleet Xpress delivers high throughput connectivity, while SAILOR 60 GX ensures that it is always available on board so vessels can operate smarter through harnessing the power of connected maritime IT and technology.


A simple revolution in VSAT deployment


SAILOR 60 GX is delivered ready to install, with the included SAILOR GX Modem Unit (GMU) and SAILOR Antenna Control Unit (ACU) ensuring quality and reliability throughout the system. Installation is easy, thanks to a wealth of features and design details unique to the SAILOR VSAT technology platform. For instance, it features a single cable between antenna and below deck equipment for RF, power and data, while Automatic Azimuth Calibration and Automatic Cable Calibration enable unique ‘one touch commissioning’. It also features Dynamic Motor Brakes inside the antenna, removing the requirement for mechanical brake straps whilst ensuring the antenna is kept in balance in no-power situations, at sea or during transport.


Streamlining remote access and diagnostics


Just like all other SAILOR VSAT systems, the SAILOR 60 GX is incredibly easy to manage; ensuring the best possible support is available anywhere in the world. Easy remote access and diagnostic features include monthly statistics logging, SNMP and built-in e-mail clients that automatically email historical logging of system performance.