Cobham Sailor Inmarsat Fleet One Terminal

The Smart and Affordable Terminal for Recreational & Small Fishing Vessels The Fleet One service by Inmarsat makes satellite communications smart and affordable for smaller fishing vessels and recreational boaters in ways never before possible. Now Cobham, a leading maker…



SAILOR Fleet One is the ideal complement to the new Inmarsat Fleet One service, which utilises the existing Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation to deliver satellite voice and connectivity services that are ideal for use on smaller boats. With its compact, lightweight antenna and simple installation, SAILOR Fleet One is a low-cost entry point to the world of maritime satcoms that keeps you connected via fleetbroadband at all times.

This terminal is only suitable for vessels below 500 GRT.

The Cobham Sailor Fleet One Terminal includes:

  • 403050C-00581 SAILOR Fleet One Above Deck United (ADU)
  • 403739A-00581 SAILOR Fleet One Below Deck Unit (BDU)
  • 403670A-00500 Thrane IP Handset incl. cradle, wired
  • 37-107338 SAILOR 10m Antenna Cable
  • 1m Power cable (10-32V DC input)
  • 83-141368 SAILOR Fleet One CD rom w. UIM,QG,IG
  • Printed Quick Guide

Cobham Sailor Fleet One Key Features:

Data & Voice at Sea

SAILOR Fleet One enables data connectivity up to 100kbps and voice calling on a single line. Its capabilities offer significant communications functionality for recreational and fishing users who need reliable voice communications and Internet connectivity on board, when cellular networks aren’t available, or just don’t offer the quality needed for good communication.

Renowned Quality

SAILOR Fleet One is designed to the same high standards as the existing SAILOR FleetBroadband product line; quality that more than 35,000 end-users have experienced so far. With ease of use and durability at the forefront, SAILOR Fleet One can be relied upon to provide reliable, high quality communications whether cruising offshore or fishing for a living.

Easy installation

The SAILOR Fleet One antenna is light and easy to install, even on small boats, and connecting to the below deck equipment is simple enough that keen owners can handle the installation and maintenance themselves. It may be small, but it packs enough power to deliver plenty of bandwidth for email, web browsing and social media sites.