Satellite Phones

Before you browse our inventory of satellite phones, it’s important to know if it’s for emergency back-up, a camping trip, in what region of the world it will be used, etc. These are 3 major things to consider when buying a satellite phone.
Where Will It Be Used?
Do you plan to use the satellite phone in mountainous areas or locations far north (40 degrees North or South of the Equator)? This could narrow down the hunt instantly. See coverage maps below.

How Will It Be Used?
Is it for emergency scenarios where you will keep it tested and tucked away in a glove box or safe location? Or is it for a big trip or somewhat occasional travel to locations with limited or non-existent coverage?

Which Service Plan is Best?
Do you want to buy or rent a phone? Do you want a monthly, annual or prepaid plan? While these options are based on user preference, most deals provided by the satellite network providers are found in the monthly and annual plans.

If you need help deciding, our agents are available 24/7 and will be happy to help you with your search. Just call or chat!

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