Mobile Satellite Internet

Satellite WIFI Hotspots
Satellite Phone Store offers a variety of both consumer and professional-grade portable satellite internet solutions. Compare products that can help you get satellite WIFI internet for your laptop, smartphone & tablet. The small portable satellite terminals we feature offer speeds between 100kbps to 700kbps. Although considered slow compared to 4G and 5G internet, these are still sufficient for remote internet operations, email, file sharing, online updates and internet data applications. Enterprise and government solutions offer speeds between 4mbps and 8mbps.

Satellite internet on the go – Available options

Business and personal use

These portable satellite internet solutions are small and light weight which makes them easier to carry, deploy and use. The user interface is simple and intuitive so anyone with no experience can easily learn how use them right out of the box.

Commercial and government solutions

These solutions are generally developed for industrial application, business activity and first response teams. However they are available and applicable to the general public as well. They offer higher speeds and unlimited data but they are also large and heavy so they require special transport logistics.

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