Marine Navigation

Blue Sky Satellite Communications, through its global netwrork of partners, is a  supplier of internationally recognised brands for both bridge equipment and  there related services for many lead manufacturers. Our Company can offer finished goods as well as spare parts (ex-works, Germany, UK, Spain, Cyprus and Greece – depending on the requested products) for all equipment listed below:


      • Rate-of-Turn Systems
      • Compass Systems
      • Autopilots 
      • Manual Steering Control Systems
      • Rudder Angle Indicator Systems
      • Radar Systems
      • ECDIS Systems
      • Speed Log Systems
      • Echo Sounder Systems
      • GPS / DGPS Systems
      • Automatic Identification Systems
      • Wind Sensor Systems / Anemometers
      • GMDSS Systems
      • Multi-Functional Systems

Our Company can arrange fast service attendance for Bridge Equipment as well as GMDSS or VDR annual in Europe, USA, Singapore and China. Our business partners technicians are trained and certified for the following equipment:


  • products (Gyro, Autopilot, IBS, Radar, ECDIS, Steering System, GMDSS, AIS, SSAS etc…)
  • products (VDR, SVDR)
  • products (ECDIS, eGlobe)
  • products (Speedlog, Echosounder)
  • products (VDR, SVDR)
  • SAILOR and THRANE&THRANE products (BB250, BB500, EPIRB, GMDSS)
  • FURUNO products (ECDIS, Radar, GMDSS, VDR and S-VDR)
  • JRC products (Radar)