Based on high-throughput satellites (HTS) and traditional wideband, the network delivers Ku-band connectivity with near 100% uptime, up to 10Mbps of throughput and coverage spanning 98% of the world’s most trafficked maritime routes. 

As the world’s largest buyer of commercial space segment, ITC Global is revolutionizing today’s VSAT market with game-changing pricing and service delivery to mining camps, energy platforms and maritime vessels at sea.  

Future-proofed to scale with the evolving needs of our customers, Panasonic’s next generation network includes new custom-designed HTS and Extreme-HTS (XTS) payloads doubling network capacity into the future. 


Panasonic Avionics built its network to support the world’s major international airlines. Now a Panasonic company and among the world’s largest providers of industrial-grade satellite communications solutions, ITC Global leverages the network’s boundless connectivity with carrier-grade engineering, superior high-throughput performance, rigorous security and the largest global reach – delivering non-stop broadband to oil and gas hotspots, mining camps and transoceanic routes across the globe.



ITC Globals custom-designed network offers near 100% uptime with a minimum of 10Mbps to support the connectivity needs of the energy, mining and maritime customers. The network covers 98% of all maritime traffic routes, and is adding high-throughput satellite capacity that will wrap around the globe.


  • Purpose-Built: Covers 100% of all major oil and gas hotspots worldwide, 99.9% of aero traffic routes, and greater than 98% percent of global maritime routes worldwide
  • Boundless Connectivity: Ku-band HTS and traditional wideband with added HTS and planned extreme high-throughput (XTS) capacity over high-density routes
  • Seamless Interoperability: Automatic beam switching and mix of wide and spot beams for greatest possible throughput across the network
  • Scalable and Future-Proof: Abundant capacity for growth, new mobility and operational innovations
  • Ground Segment Agnostic: Supports a full range of antenna sizes and uses a global MPLS backbone
  • Price and Performance Advantage: Economy and ubiquity passed on to customers