About Us

Blue Sky Satellite Communications is a dynamic service provider that builds on its unbiased dedication to its customers in the Maritime, Mining, Corporate and Government sectors of industries across the globe.   Through our commitment to innovation, we continue to introduce new technologies that keep us ahead of our competitors.  Blue Sky Satellite Communications is synonymous with reliable and secure communications, that ensure our customers business operations are uninterrupted and continue their daily functions effectively. Blue Sky Satellite Communications offers advanced mobile communications with a variety of features:

    • Sophisticated infrastructure of linked satellite and land networks.
    • Multi-network communications through a single system.
    • Remote Internet access through increasingly smaller, lighter and low-cost data via satellite terminals.
    • Decreased costs through technology which automatically route signals along the most cost-effective path.
    • Continually expand and upgrade infrastructure through partnership with manufacturers, application developers, resellers and international providers.
    • Fleet management systems sourced specific to each industry that will ensure our customers are provided with real-time information that allow them to make effective decisions on the situational management of each aircraft, vessel or vehicle in its fleet.
    • Supplying Navigation Equipment, Electrical and Mechanical Spare Parts.

Mission Statement

Blue Sky Satellite Communications: To put people at the centre of the communication systems and services we provide by making their lives just that much more pleasant.

Vission Statement

To be referred to others by our customers with passion and conviction that we deliver on our promise of providing services that exceed one’s expectation every time.

Value Statements

Every day we encourage passion to do our work with integrity and accountability and to accept our shortcoming with humility and accountability without losing focus on making a success of what we do.

Business Ethics

We are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we do business. This commitment has been a cornerstone of our company’s foundation and remains an important part of our culture.